When the mammals evolved from cynodonts in the geologic period of the Permian, they also grew hair. Since then, we can’t get rid of them. Head and body hair are crucial attributes of mammals. But for what do we need hair?

The main purpose of hair is actually very clear and logic. They are supposed to protect our sensitive skin. Thanks to hair, the skin is well insulated and protected from damaging sun radiation. Furthermore, hair is also supposed to protect us from cold.

Another purpose of hair is to keep scents onto our bodies for longer. Nowadays, most of us can’t stand natural body odor, especially underneath our arms. But in former times, natural odors played a much more significant role in mating as they indicated fertility and attractiveness. The hair therefore was useful as it could trap the smelling pheromones onto the bodies longer.

Moreover, thanks to hair, we can get rid of unnecessary sweat much more easily. Some mammals living in the water like beavers and otters depend on their hair to keep wetness, cold and water off their skin.

In the world of animals, hair however doesn’t only have practical or vital functions. Here, a beautiful mane also sometimes means attractiveness. The lion with the thickest mane usually gets the most lionesses. This principle applies to us humans as well. If you have full, shiny and thick hair, you will be perceived as much more attractive.