He’s everywhere. Guido Maria Kretschmer, a renowned German fashion creator, has truly taken the German television landscape by storm. But there is a reason why the verbal acrobat and prizewinning fashion designer is now given the chance to put his know-how and wittiness on display again in his new TV series “Geschickt eingefädelt” where he is looking for Germany’s best newcomer designer. No matter how you look at it, he’s a through and through likable TV presenter. Despite his feared and infamous straightforwardness, you end up liking him.

Who wants to stay close to him beyond the TV screen can now look forward to a collection of games inspired by his biggest TV hit. Of course I’m referring to his successful show Shopping Queen where several fashion fanatics shop the best outfit matching a certain motto chosen by Guido in order to win the hotly desired prize money. After the big success of the Shopping Queen board game, the game company HUCH! has launched a new dice game, a card game and a quiz onto the market. All three games impress with amazing gimmicks that draw parallels to the original TV series. What awaits you? Fashion, fun and of course you can look forward to Guido’s fabulous sense of humor that has been incorporated into the games in a clever way. These games promise fun for all fashion junkies out there!

On your bags, get set, go!

Here you can buy the quiz, board, the dice and the card game.