For an interior designer, there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly lit room because the perfect lighting is absolutely necessary to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. But how do you light a room in the best way possible?

It depends on where you place the light and for what purpose you need it. Direct light for instance is absolutely recommended for activities like reading, drawing, painting or working in general. This is why you should resort to reading or table lamps placed in a way that ensures an absolutely clear field of vision. With a daylight lamp you can prevent color distortions when working with colors.

In order to make a room look as comfortable as possible, you should place several light sources in your room positioned at different heights.

A ceiling lamp is absolutely obligatory for a well lit room. But make sure that the light is not too intense and bright, it should just be enough to lit the whole room and fill it out with a soft, warm shade. In addition, use floor lamps and table lamps to be able to lighten up your room precisely. For the floor and table lamps, use brighter bulbs than for the ceiling lamp. The goal is to gradually flood the room with a soft light in order to create a comfortable atmosphere which is necessary to make yourself feel homely in your four walls!