178,000 followers and 258 pictures, all neatly framed in gold – that is the very Instagram account that is exclusively reserved for the “Rich kids of Instagram”. RKOI has become something of a phenomenon within the social media sector as it displays photos of young adults who are just – let’s say – filthy rich. The beauty of it all: They are not ashamed at all to show it to the world.

The Internet has enabled us to actively follow people who are young, beautiful and have an abundance of money to spend. It’s the dream we’ve all been dreaming and they call it their lives.

Check out the following pictures which painfully show us that our summers weren’t all that awesome compared to those of the RKOI’s.

Check how out she just casually strolls off to Monaco in her private jet to meet her lunch date for the day.

Ever wondered how it would be like to take the private chopper to fly out to Italy and your only problem is that you slightly overpacked?

Did you know that a regular sized bottle of Dom Perignon costs around $400? Let’s muse about how much the mega sized bottle those teenagers are downing cost them (or more likely their parents).

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