Since their debut in 2004, Owloon‘s dirndls have been in hot demand. Designer Caroline Elleke leads her brand with great passion, and among her latest creations are enchanting dirndls for kids. Three different models are available for little girls, allowing them to emulate the elegant images of their mommies.

The children’s dirndls have been greatly inspired by the adult ones – they too are composed of a skirt, a bodice, an apron and a dirndl blouse. Like mother, like child, indeed. The little ones look simply mesmerizing in their playful and joyful attire.

Colourful creations were specially chosen for the kids’ collection. Little princesses can fall in love with pink, gold or rose pink, and the lace closure of the bodice has been replaced with a zipper, ensuring comfort and quality at the same time.

All outfits are handmade in Bavaria and are thus a hundred percent “Made in Germany!” All tracht lovers can now introduce their children to the beauty of the traditional costume. Trust me, they will be happy to look like mommy!

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