Sensuality and seduction, together with a deep understanding of the female silhouette – that’s what fashion label Ralph & Russo is all about. The label derives its name from the British design duo responsible for its foundation. British chic has never been so avant-garde; ostentatious gowns have never been so unique. The line sets new standards, carrying both the wearer and the onlooker into a world of winter wonderland glamour.

Extravagant lines, oriented to the female silhouette, paint a perfect picture. The detailed evening gowns are nothing less than works of art. Fine lines at the waist highlight the center of the body, guaranteeing sensuality through this stylish design. Besides these garments, we also encounter the odd jumpsuit, which proves itself to be in no way inferior to the magnificent design of the gowns.

The majority of the line is yet marked by enchanting dresses, most of them floor-length. The narrow waist creates the image of an hourglass silhouette, and otherwise implies a mermaid-inspired design. The dreamy dresses celebrate feminine seduction while manifesting luxury in all its different ways.

Whether they’re subtle or pompous, the various interpretations of glamour are no less impressive. Lace, transparent details, crystal jewelry and ruffles have a breathtaking air to them, while voluminous details and delicate trains round off the gowns’ designs. The highlight of the collection? A wedding dress lined with beads of gold.

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