There were most definitely a couple of really juicy eye catchers presented during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris the other day, in particular from Chanel. One highlight however really stood out: The new trend manicure by this legendary, iconic high-end luxury brand.

The duo-colored nail trend is quite easy to imitate, you’ll only need 3 polishes by Chanel: The “La Base” basecoat, the “Le Vernis Beige Pur” and “Le Vernis Black Satin”. The first lacquers have to be applied on top of each other, starting with the base coat of course. Let them dry for half an hour after application. Afterwards the true star comes out to shine. The Le Vernis Black Satin is used to create a thick line on the tips of the nail. It is so simple, yet so timelessly beautiful. Top everything off with a glossy topcoat and you’re good to go for the night!

It honestly doesn’t surprise me that this combo caught so many eyes.

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