Have you heard of the colour Marsala? It’s a soft, calming and light variant of the popular Bordeaux. Currently, this trendy shade can be found in almost every collection, including for example the fall and winter line by HSE24. This fashion brand, known for its classical pieces, is now heading for a new path with its fresh, young and expressive creations.

HSE24 goes for gold, and has revealed a line including mostly statement pieces telling us to rock the winter! Starting with the fashionable Marsala, other colours you will see are powdery blue, beige, khaki, brown, grey, white and black. A spicy look runs like a golden thread through the whole line, boosted onwards by modern cuts and matching accessories.

Rock ‘n’ roll meets Bohemian! Who knew that studded accessories and leather boots could be combined with ethnic ponchos? Marsala even takes a swing at reinventing jogging pants. Check out the Boho looks in HSE24’s fall and winter collection!

Further Info: www.hse24.de