Online store Pretty Confetti paves a new path with their vintage maritime vintage trend of 2015. This shop is run by two fans of vintage, and they’re on the look for new highlights every day. They offer a wide range of maritime looks, and are even happy to give you some tips on dos and don’ts. Let me summarize all the tips on using the vintage sailor’s look to your maximum advantage:

Stripes are, of course, the nuts and bolts of the Navy look – they are also present in vintage fashion. Whether they’re found on a preppy sailor top or a playful pin-up dress, blue-and-white patterns always hit the spot. Even the simplest striped top could work miracles, instantly transforming an everyday outfit into a nautical wonder. That’s why striped tops are an absolute must-have when it comes to the sailor look. Naughty red loops and collars inspired by naval uniforms add an extra touch of femininity and grace.

They can be simple or true to detail, but the sailor top is the most important part of the outfit. Dotted and striped blouses work well as maritime outerwear, too! In vintage fashion, skirts and dresses have a higher priority than pants. Prints, collars and pleats make the dress truly irresistible!

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