Although it might not always seem like it, women always make sure the man on their side has clean and neat hands. Especially men, that spend a lot of their time exposed to cold sea air, need to take care of their hands in a proper way.

To keep your skin soft and hydrated, there are a few tricks you can easily do at home, like for example a selfmade hand peeling. Take a little bit of sea salt and some olive oil and mix both ingredients together. Rub the mixture onto both sides of your hands to scrub off every piece of dead skin. Rinse everything off with water and enjoy your soft skin. An alternative for the DIY salt and oil peeling is sugar, that can be easily mixed into your usual hand cream.Massage it carefully into your hands and enjoy the same results.

A rich hand lotion is especially important when you have dry skin. Because sea salt not only works well as a peeling, a creme like the natural hand cream with sea salt by CMD cosmetics is the perfect product to use after a peeling.