On August 23, 2014, one of the most beloved Hollywood couples finally tied the knot: Brangelina. The ceremony itself was very private and predominately made for their children. It was Angelina Jolie after all, who said that she and Brad would only get married if and when their children wished for them to do so. Her saying proved to be oh so true throughout the whole wedding, starting with Angelina’s wedding gown. Versace may have designed the beautiful classical dress and veil, but it was Brangelina’s kids, who came up with the actual adornments on it.

The veil is covered in drawings, hand drawn by all of their kids. You can spot the occasional airplane, one of Angelina’s passions, as well as motorbikes, which is Brad’s hobby. There’s also a family portrait on this very personal bridal accessory and around it, you can see various animals and monsters. Even the word “buttock” got a special place on the veil.

You can see the full gown and the very first picture of the married couple in the magazine “Hello”.

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Bilder: © Instagram Angelina Jolie