Well, we all know it: Whenever we’re just starting to relax with our friends at a BBQ or picnic, little creatures try to rain on our parade. Ants come in with all of their buddies and make our picnic blanket their turf. Let me paint this exact situation for you on my nails (literally):


We will need:


1x pink red polish
1x red polish
1x white polish
1x black polish
1x nail art brush


Step 1
I used Essie’s “Blanc“ as an overall base for today’s manicure. Any other white polish will do just fine.

Step 2
In the following step I picked a pinkish red polish by p2 in “happy bride“ to frame each of my nails.

Step 3
With the same color I painted a vertical line right through the middle of my nails.

Step 4
Still with “happy bride” I continued to build on this pattern. I added two horizontal lines onto the nails.

Step 5
The fifth step involved a slightly darker polish. I used Maybelline’s “Hot Salsa“ and darkened all the spots where lines crossed.

Step 6
The sixth and last step focused on my ants. I placed two of them on my middle and ring finger. Take a black polish, I used Max Factor’sLaquer Noir“. The bodies essentially consist of three circles adorned with 6 little legs and two antennas.  And that is it for today! Enjoy the hot weather!

Images: ©Readthetrieb