Fashion label Etro is responsible not only for outfits, but also accessories. I’ve previously written about the latest news in the Etro fashion world: thematic design masterpieces for everyone. Now, I want to recommend some matching accessories, which will make your summer colourful and boisterous. Etro transforms classic men’s accessories into individual trend pieces.

Present are, of course, the scarf and the handkerchief, which can be individually combined. Colour is the motto of the day, and intense and wild patterns ensure originality. From a paisley-over-florals design to the fish motif, creativity has no limits. The message is: run riot!

In this summer collection, the socks are a surprise – their designs are beyond imagination! Again, you will find paisley patterns, underwater worlds and stripes. For me, it’s a thoroughly modern twist that accentuates one’s outfit well.

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