In the classic men’s fashion, there are only a limited number of accessories. And between cufflinks, ties and co. it sometimes seems as if the man’s world be quite limited. Way off the mark! Although there are not as many different ways to accentuate a classic outfit, but within the common shapes there are heaps of options. One of the essential parts of the men’s fashion is the necktie. It can be worn for many occasions and comes in a number of different styles.

When it comes to neckties, label à la Russe has set its sights on being unique. Precious printed fabrics from Russia are transformed into quality pieces – each necktie is cut from a different part of the fabric, and hence each necktie retains a truly individual look!

À la Russe neckties are available in a variety of patterns and color variations. Whether it’s romantic floral patterns or summer boho prints (think paisley!), these pieces are unconventional and eccentric without sacrificing any bit of classic elegance. This makes them easily wearable with both fancy and casual outfits. Those looking for a unique accessory need not look any further!

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