Barney Stinson said it first: Menicures should be as crucial for a man as shaving. Fashion has ever since been gender neutral seeing that the borders between feminine and masculine are slowly disappearing. How else would you explain women wearing ties and men wearing v-necks? And having well-kept nails is he kind of detail we often overlook, yet always seem to notice when somebody is lacking in that department.

Czech & Speake has catered to the men’s need of well-groomed hands by bringing out a kit that contains a selection of eight tools to keep HIS nails in flawless condition at all times. It is a grey manicure set made of embossed leather with magnets to keep the tools in place. Very stylish. Those specific tools consist of eight black coated-metal tools including slanted tweezers, safety scissors, nail scissors, nail clippers, nail files, toe nail clippers, cuticle nipper, double-ended cuticle tool, all of which handmade in Solingen Germany. Therefore, you can call it an incredible high-quality product.

To some it might merely be a kit with tools to trim your nails. But some men will see liberation, care and beauty all in one package.

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