The DAWN Denim summer collection is dedicated to the ease of summer, the rays of the sun, and a lifestyle that is as leisurely as can be. It’s not only their jeans that are extra soft: that goes as well for every other piece by DAWN! The collection is lightweight, airy and, among other things, modern. With their statement pieces, the double-denim look is no longer a problem; rather, it becomes the greatest pleasure to wear.

The jeans are rather simple in their design, charming onlookers through their gentle wash and perfect fit. High-waist models are available in many blue tones, with skinny legs emphasizing a womanly figure. Denim shirts, dungarees and jeans-jacket look equally pleasing.

Their blue-on-blue looks demonstrate that denim does instead match best with denim. With combinations that leave you wanting more alongisde simple and refined structures, DAWN Denim will enchant a whole new generation of women with the world of double-denim. The denim line is completed by several tops that range from sporty to elegant. My favourite is definitely the delicate silk shirt!

At the Premium Berlin, you will be able to find your personal DAWN double-denim look, as well as discover some new designs.

Copyright and source: http://dawndenim.com