Last week, it was time for the big seasonal opening of the Megapark in Mallorca. This time around, I was asked to anchor for On that day, I travelled rather leisurely to Mallorca and stepped into its hot weather, and even at the airport I could hear the shouts of “Megapark”. Everyone was talking about it. I was certainly not the only one who had come to the island for this event.

The guys from “Münchner Freiheit” were walking in front of me – I recognized them not merely because of their shirts, which were emblazoned with their logo, but also because I’ve been a fan of them for many years.

I already knew most of the announced acts, but there were some new artists I was unfamiliar with. First, I would have to read their biographies before I deciding what I would discuss with them during the interview.

After eating with my crew, I had to get back to the hotel quickly. I headed to my stylist instantly upon arrival to get ready for the event, which was to start in the evening. Shortly before the red carpet, the artists introduced themselves briefly before proceeding to be interviewed by me. My tension disappeared almost immediately upon the first interview, when I realized that this would be easier than I had imagined.

Among others, I interviewed Marc Terenzi, whom I’ve known for several years and once interviewed for MTV; Olivia Jones, who once again came accompanied by Sven Florijan; Joern Schlönvoigt, whom I knew from GZSZ; Die Atzen, who were totally full of energy; Almklausi, whom I had often seen at Megapark; Münchner Freiheit, whom I sang one of their songs to; Paul Janke, who complimented me; Micaela Schäfer, who wore propellers on her boobs, and many other crazy artists. I asked Menderes whether his consistent appearance on DSDS (German Idol TV Show) was worth its while, and Ina Colada about the origins of her stage name. Die Autohändler told me that they were friends in private life and Kader Loth pointed out that she was only there as a guest. My job was quite fun and humorous, because all the artists didn’t take themselves all too seriously. Oliver Pocher tried to confuse me with his own camera crew while Mickie Krause just didn’t want to stop talking. It was really fun.

Later, I went into the VIP area where I met, among others, Simon Dessue, a “You-Tuber”, and Jürgen Drews as well as Ramona, who crept around me while U_Jean tried to explain to me how ungrateful the German music business was. I had a couple of drinks to align my mood with the rest of the party people. That evening, I was in a rather good mood and got to know many interesting people, which I hadn’t expected before.

Several TV channels were present, and the event turned out pretty great that evening. Once again, it made me realize how “honest” the German media actually is.

Everyone “bitches” about Megapark and no one wants to ever go there because nobody thinks highly of it. And yet, many came for its opening and had tons of fun. This bi-annual event actually attracts more attention from the media than many other grand openings in Germany.

I had a lot of fun that evening and will most likely be there again in the future.