Norwegian artist Andreas Lie is known for his dual-lit photographic work that depicts animals. His work embodies the very aspect of art that perfectly matches the vintage computer zeitgeist and today’s youth culture. The central motifs of animals like bears, wolves, foxes and deer, are stood perfectly in front of scenery such as snow-capped mountains or trees. Through his unique dual-lighting technique, the animals seem to melt into their environments until they almost completely merge. This way, Lie further enhances the aspect of the wilderness. All photographs seem obfuscated and misty, even faded, all of which support the unapproachable tone of his work.

Apart from animals, the artist also works with young women, subjecting them to a similar photographic procedure. The women are placed in such a way so as to ensure that the photographs mirror an inner wilderness within the eyes of the models.

Be it landscapes or double-lit portraits, his portfolio carries a touch of distance, wanderlust and melancholy.

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