The London Fashion Week  which took place in February was a collecting tank filled with the most renowned designers in the world. Above all, the British and the Londoner fashion creators took this fashion spectacle by storm and impressed everyone with breathtaking performances and shows. Holly Fulton was one of these designers and presented her fashion inspired by pop culture on one of the most crucial catwalks in the world. Her style is characterized by casual luxury and graphical embellishments.

Femininity is what defines the entire summer collection. Soft silhouettes are in the name of femininity combined with a boyish touch. Above all the dress is considered the key piece of the collection and is presented in a multitude of designs. Graphical patterns are of course an omnipresent feature in Holly Fulton’s collection. Geometrical structures and floral motifs mark and adorn the designs equally.

Combinations made of a casual, elegant pair of cloth pants and a blouse appear extremely noble thanks to the boyish silhouette. The dresses on the other hand are defined by pure elegance and impress with beautiful accentuations placed around the décolleté. Holly Fulton’s dresses however are able to enchant without a deep neckline. Instead, they draw you under their spell with exciting strap designs and high-necked looks. Each dress is receiving an individual appearance – sometimes you will stumble across playful looks only to be surprised by mature, straightforward and edgy styles again.

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