Based in London, Georgia Hardinge is fascinating the entire fashion world. Praise and recognition is raining upon the label’s spectacular, sculptural style which is considerably determining Hardinge’s individual hallmarks. Original and innovative – the style of this brand is marked by so many facets, you don’t simply just look at it to understand it. You have to explore it. The experimental use of textiles and sophisticated prints are the main aspects of her works. For her final collection with which she completed her studies at the Parsons School of Art and Design in Paris, Georgia received the highest designer award.

In the year 2010, the label launched its first collection and has since then drawn celebrities like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Nelly Furtado and Lady Gaga under its spell who all wore creations by Georgia Hardinge. The designer’s love for experimental design is clearly visible in the breathtaking cuts. It’s above all the pleated details which became the signature attribute of the label.

In the summer 2015, the amazing, eye-catching pleats have been incorporated into skirts and tops. The minimalist concept is in fact anything but discreet and timid. Thanks to incredible details which often remind you of origami artworks, Hardinge’s fashion is defined by an almost divinely fascinating charm. Feminine silhouettes determine the entire clothing line furthermore. Absolutely precisely placed pleats and folds, cut-outs and overlaid fabrics bestow a unique elegance upon skirts in different lengths. These features can be discovered in the tops as well which match the skirts beautifully.

Many outfits consist of two pieces which are designed to match each other. We caught sight of a combination of miniskirt and sweater characterized by a summery white yellow design. Crop tops and blouses seem to be the favorite pieces of the warm season because they drip with femininity like no other piece of clothing. A floor-length tunic dress with a blue and yellow pattern really blew us away and will surely make you the head-turning visual center of any situation.

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