Hey Beauties

I recently discovered that I only have 10 golden studs left from my last order from Hong Kong, which is why I decided to use them for a particularly neat look. I originally planned to make a kind of “French Manicure gone bad” with black tips instead of white ones but I thought this would be too plain. That’s the reason why I incorporated the studs into the design. The result is, if I may say so myself, sensational! If you want to know how to recreate this look, please keep reading.


What you will need:


1x black polish
Studs (buy here)
Scotch tape
1x pair of tweezers

Step 1
The color of the hour is black. Mine is the “Onyx Black” by Maybelline New York. A random black polish will do the job. To get the best result use the tape to create a smooth and straight line. Just place the tape on your nail. It doesn’t matter where exactly, but keep in mind that the polish later on has to cover the entire tip.

Step 2
Now paint the area you left open with the aid of the tape. You don’t have to work too careful thanks to your little help right there because it will catch all your mistakes.

Step 3
After you’re done painting, just repeat this step on all of your remaining nails until you get to this look.

Step 4
Finally, take your pair of tweezers and place your stud one at a time on each nail. Be sure that the little gem lies 50% on the painted bit and 50% on the “naked” nail. That’s about itm guys. Hope you like the design!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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