As a taxi driver you will meet all kinds of people. From the business man, who wants to get from A to B quickly, to the party guy, who is too wasted to express himself properly and who is desperately trying to remember his address. Mike Harvey used to be a taxi driver and photographer in South Wales and made use of his job to budget his world trips.

Harvy however was not only a simple, ordinary taxi driver. He decided to combine his hobby with his work. He took photos of his customers and to show different facets of his environment and society in general. The pictures are very intimate and reflect an authentic character. All of his pictures are named after the price of the taxi ride and are currently presented at a Welsh exhibition. Today, he has already given up on his job as a taxi driver. I hope he will continue practicing photography, though. I would be interested in getting a glimpse into who are what you can meet in New Yorker night busses.

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