The classic nude lip can be combined with any eye makeup and looks always good, once you find your personal perfect shade. With a little bit of pink you can spice up any classic nude look and make your lips look youthful and sexy.

Step 1: First of all, line your lips using a rose shade, like for example the lipliner by Esprit in the color ‘200 – Graceful Rose’. After that, apply the lipliner all over your lips.

Step 2: Use a pink toned nude lipstick on your entire lips on top of the lipliner. The perfect product to do so is the color ‘Angel’ by MAC.

Step 3: For the sexy glossy finish it is necessary to apply a light pink lipgloss on top of everything. Here I used the ‘Supermodel’ Lipgloss by Beni Durrer in the color ‘Christy’.

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