Laura di Maggio – the name of the Italian label indeed sounds beautifully melodious. You can just assume that the sound of this name points to the design of the bags the brand is bestowing the fashion world with. The label was founded in the year 1985 in Milan. There, it was brought to life by Laura and Alberto who have succeeded in causing a big turmoil in the fashion industry since then.

Since the foundation, the style of the brand has been incredibly distinct and clear. Of course, every product bears the seal and certificate “Made in Italy” which guarantees an outstanding quality. Milan, the city of fashion, is indeed considered the Mecca for those who hunt the latest trends. Laura di Maggio contributed to this city’s status probably by designing incredible bag models which are full of surprises.

The heart piece is the handbag which offers storage room for all kinds of objects which you need to master your everyday life. Classical shapes determine Laura di Maggio’s style in form of shopping bags or boxy designs. Black and brown leather dominate the color palette. But sometimes, you stumble across a deep turquoise, stripes or even checked patterns. My favorite bag is covered by leopard accentuations.

Eye catchers clash with classics so that you can let your inner creative fashion addict out. Apart from voluminous handbags, pouches and clutches seem to be the newest hits. Recently, the brand presented its colorful, classical, feminine collection in Berlin at the Panorama Messe by the way.

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