The two designers Kristina Puljan und Martin Eichler  got to know each other during their studies at the Berlin fashion university Esmod. The passion for fashion and the shared sense for plain modern structures brought the two together and inspired them to create the label Vektor. Before this important chapter in their lives, Martin ran the brand Hector Hector, while Kristin’s label was called Volim, which explains the name Vektor. After the opening of a store together, they decided to officially found the brand Vektor in the year 2013.

At Vektor you can find anything which you need for an urban look. Loose-cut fashion with extraordinary sophistication which will make you look good around the clock and reflects the multi-faceted charm of the city is here on the agenda. Vektor’s fashion is characterized by simplicity. Discreet, timid, but at the same time very effective details impress with their smart plainness. Accentuations like geometrical leather applications are part of this sophisticated simplicity. Patterns are incorporated into the fashion in a sporty and elegant manner, exuding a youthful and refreshing flair.

Berlin street wear is receiving a new face thanks to Vektor. Cheeky, joyful prints and casual cuts turn basics into the ambassadors of the easy-going, youthful chic. Clouds, forests and almost psychedelic prints provide the pieces with a wow-effect in discreet colors. Our favorite pieces: the sweater, the bomber jacket, the leggings and the blouse!

You can see this look live in January at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in front of the Brandenburger Tor.

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