The renowned fashion brand with its origins in Munich is now called Rena Lange but it hasn’t always been known as such. The enterprise was actually launched by the family Günthert in 1916 under the name “M.Lange”. Back then it was a small boutique in the midst of Munich selling lingerie. In 1960 Renate Günthert decided to revamp the whole business and with the aid of her husband turned their little boutique into an established, cosmopolitan brand called Rena Lange. Their Creative Director Ludwig Heissmeyer came into the picture to manage the Design department since May 2014.

Their recent Fall and Winter Collection 2014/15 was aimed to catch the very last one of you, who hasn’t heard of the brand before. And you should have because Rena Lange really has great, simple yet elegant designs to offer. The selection of dresses, skirts, coats, tops and outwear is fashionable but also traditional with a classic touch. Especially the color palette with all the black, white and a whole range of pastel shades appears to be quite timid, yet incredibly playful, romantic and soft. Add in rose hues and wine red and you’ll get the perfect symphony of feminine designs paired with sensual accentuations.

Whether you’re looking for an evening gown, a sophisticated outfit or a simple fashion piece, you’ll be finding the end of your search by looking into that collection. Take for instance the two-piece ensemble consisting of a black skirt and a white, ruffled blouse – you can’t possibly go wrong with that. Or even the floor-length wedding gown in a beaming white, adorned with lace and a beautiful train to catch absolutely every single eye in the room. To go more into the elegant department, take a look at the two-piece outfit consisting of pleat-front-trousers and a super soft boxy jacket.

If there’s still nothing that’ll win you over completely, do take a sneaky look into the collection filled with feminine charm and let the dices roll as they may…


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