Acne Studios is a Swedish fashion brand, which was founded in 1966 in Stockholm. As part of the creative Acne collective they dedicate their time and money to implementing new fashion ideas and impressions. The name Acne stands for “Ambition To Create Novel Expressions“. This ambition shows through every single collection of the label and shows off the visionary and skillful handling of fabrics, forms and colors.

The spring collection of 2015 will be incredibly boyish but still seductive and provocative. Striking and masculine fashion pieces like the jackets were transformed into feminine mini dresses. The prominent stylistic devices are great cutouts around the waist, stomach and chest area, but semi sheer fabric was also used to make the clothing look like a sensual wisp of nothing.

Through attached pockets, the boyish cut and a neutral color choice, a certain cargo-look was achieved, which then was immediately effeminated by the use of waist belts, deep V-necks and cut outs. As for the colors, besides brown and green shades, turquoise, red, yellow and the obligatory black were predominately used. The typical clean chic of the brand knows exactly where the lines are drawn and how to play with the given charm.

Acne Studios, for him  – Fashion News 2015 Spring Collection

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