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Since I am currently attending the Living Faces Make-up Academy to become a makeup artist and absolutely up for some awesome Halloween action, I decided to create a Halloween makeup à la 101 Dalmatians.

Of course, you usually get a complete Cruella costume at Maskworld, which I can just recommend to those whose wardrobes aren’t well equipped enough to compose a Cruella outfit. Nevertheless, looking like the devilish fashion and fur lover only needs a few purchases to create some incredible Disney magic.

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Jacket: H&M
Blouse: Boutique ‘Eivilenti‘, in the Uhlandstr. 155 in Berlin
Red Coat: Boutique Sylvies in the Uhlandstr. 28 in Berlin
Hand Gloves: Deko Behrendt
Jewelry: H&M
Leggings: C&A



  1. The real eye brows are covered and are painted on with some makeup and powder. If you own some camouflage, you should definitely use this on the eye brows as well.
  2. The new eye brows are outlined with eye shadow at first before you apply a kajal by Kryolan on them to define the ultimate shapes. I decided to choose differently shaped eye brows to make the entire facial expression appear more vivid and more cartoonish.
  3. For the rest of the eye makeup, I employed products by Kryolan as well. I put fat-based makeup on the eyelids and importantly, I applied the makeup beyond the actual eyelids with the help of a little sponge. The end result will remind you of a clown.
  4. With fine eyeliner, I perfected the contours of the eye brows. Furthermore, I created very bold and thick eyelashes with the aid of mascara by Kryolan as well.



Perfume: Thierry Mugler ‘Angel’

Copyright: http://www.parfuemerie.de/

If you are interested in Thierry Mugler’s Angel, you should click here for a review.


Photographer: Ediz Beyazgül (White Rose)
Model: Ursula, Readthetrieb
Hair & Make-up: Anna Luft, Readthetrieb
Stylist: Anna, Readthetrieb