Hey guys,

Thanks for your emails! Today, I’ve decided to write on the topic of “dreams”.

Andrea sent me the following message: “Hi Lucy, I’m always having dreams in which I fall down, and then, of all a sudden, I wake up. Could you tell me what these dreams could mean?“

Well, dreams of falling down often mean that you fear for a specific situation that you’re not aware of yet. Is there anything new or unusual in your life? Something that might help is for you to ask yourself about the worst thing that could happen to you. Threatening situations often become less scary after that.

Let’s take a nice example: your job. One day, your boss suddenly says, “We need to talk.” You’re deathly afraid that this might occur, but think about what the worst case scenario would be. One thing is clear: whatever happens, you will survive it. You might get a promotion, or you might lose your job. Either way, life goes on. From my experience, losing one’s job or receiving negative feedback might even result in more opportunities in life!

Andrea, in your situation, it’s important that you identify the situation that you fear for the most, and confront it, so that you may come to terms with it. Psychologists Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung have researched dream interpretation, also known as oneirology. To them, a very important key was to understand one’s unconscious mind. Prior to that, dream interpretation had simply been classified as something spiritual or a period where experiences of the day were being processed. Freud claimed that dreams are clues, and that they hint at things actively prevented from being consciously perceived.

Here are some things that often pop up in dreams and their meanings:

House: dreamer’s personality

Child: opportunity for development

Rave: Dissatisfaction, failure

Key: Key and locks stand for man and woman

Book: Wisdom, spiritual consciousness whose content might reveal parallels to your own life

Tree: archetypal symbol for fertility, birth, death

Scissors: Fear of a specific situation

Apple: Fertility, love

Water: female/maternal energy, calm, flowing waters: positive, flooding waters: danger

Fire: strong energy/passion

I wish all of you sweet dreams. Do you still have any questions? Send me a message: kontakt@readthetrieb.com!


Lucy Light