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The brand Rochas was founded by Marcel Rochas  in the year 1925. After the brand’s birth it didn’t take long until Rochas was known for its amazing haute couture creation, establishing itself as a symbol of creativity in the fashion universe. Today, the brand Rochas is still standing for innovation, glamour and timelessness. Each collection created by this label seems to bring the old-forgotten elegance of past eras back to life. This is fashion which is polarizing. No wonder, Rochas was also taking part in the Paris Fashion Week, one of the most crucial fashion events in the wold.

The fall and winter collection generally relies on feminine silhouettes, which the brand however provides with voluminous elements. Floor-length dresses and skirts, winter coats, sweaters and peplum tops are given an oversize design. Thereby, these pieces are turned into dramatic highlights with an excitingly modern effect, which almost leads the beholder into a completely new fashion era.

The dulled colors are paired with metallic highlights and floral and botanic patterns. Thus, the exclusive and extroverted garments receive a special feminine flair which will emphasize your femininity in an exciting way. The sophisticated implementation of plain cuts combine with the timeless color palette seems particularly impressive to me. Fur coats and fur vests are again every fashion victim’s darling in t he cold season and top off the glamorous overall package beautifully. Floral opulence caps off the entire collection furthermore, simply adding to the decadence of Rocha’s beautiful collection.

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Would you love to have a pre-taste of the Summer 2015? Et Voilà:

Rochas SS15

Rochas SS15

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