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Mary Katrantzou was born in Athens, Greece and received a Designer’s degree from the famous Central Saint Martins. In 2011 she then received the Read-to-Wear Award at the British Fashion Awards – my guess is that she received this award predominately for her sense for outstanding femininity. Her fashion is characterized by unique graphics and an intensely sensual design. Her Fall/Winter collection this year addresses many women in all kinds of situations. She skillfully combines evening gowns, elegant dresses and business ensembles with casual pieces. Each item gets its personal and individual touch through a precise use of unusual forms and applications.

The whole collection is filled with glamorous, sometimes crazy, provocative, sensual and enticingly polished pieces. Floor-length and short dresses as well as skirts, tops, sweaters and pantsuits are cheekily rounded off with numerous trendy details. The style could be classified as ethno inspired fashion, which may remind you of traditional Peruvian fashion. Mary incorporated printed material but also sequins, pearls and embroideries, which are details that really make the style unique. Some of the pieces are simple yet elegant whilst others are both Bohemian and Ethno. But one thing is for sure, every single outfit carries the signature of the brilliant designer. Take a moment and only look at the cutting and you’ll see that Mary Katrantzou gave each individual piece a personal touch. For instance, she creates asymmetric skirts and dresses which feature one draped side which is longer than the other side. Other pieces are characterized by braided elements or capped off with metal jewelry.

And if you fancied the winter collection, wait for what she created for the following summer in 2015. Sexy overalls and jumpsuits, trendy two-piece ensembles  and waisted shorts mount up together to a pile of trendy explosives of what the label is made of. The colors are vibrant and lively because shades like rosé and violet are in the limelight. Prints, whether floral or botanic, are still 100% a huge part of the collection. If you’re curious how the pieces may look like in reality, please do not miss out on their show at London Fashion Week!

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Mary Katrantzou, season 2013

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