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You all know me for several lifestyle articles that I’ve edited for Readthetrieb.com. On the other hand, you don’t know me, at all, since you don’t know anything about me. So, let me introduce myself: “Hi, I’m Lucy and I offer support when it comes to relationship questions no matter if you’re in a short lovey-dovey thing or in a serious relationship, no matter if you have children or if you don’t or if your feelings kind of involve your incredibly polite and charming neighbor.”

I live in beautiful Berlin Wedding together with my dog and my cats. And I’ve already experienced many positive and negative things concerning relationships. Just remember my online dating post

After my traineeship in childcare, I studied social work; and now, I’m a systemic consultant and family therapist. If you have some questions or need some advice, just send me a message to kontakt@readthetrieb. I’m looking forward to your comments and new ideas or inspiration for love, sex, relationships and family.

From now on, you will get at least two posts per week about these topics. Every Monday, I’m going to talk about family and relationships while Sexy Friday revolves around love, sex and relationship issues.

Let’s start with a post which might obtain consent from some of our female readers.

walk of shame

“About the Walk of Shame and the way to survive”

Most of us know about it. There’s this one night when you’ve partied hard, very hard … and there’s this man or woman. Uhm … what was her/his name? And, wow, shit. Where the hell am I?! Don’t panic. Many of us have already experienced this situation and will probably do in the future. The best thing is to just leave quickly and quietly. However, it might be even better to use the restroom first before seeing anyone outside, who might say: “I know what you’ve done last night”. He or she will probably have some cream and toilet tissue there, so that you can remove just the tiny rest of your makeup.

Water works, as well. In order to get fresh and to get rid of your hangover, you should fill in the sink with cold water and then just drop your face into it a few times. Cold water on your arteries can also help. Use your fingers and some toothpaste to brush your teeth. Don’t forget to brush your hair with your hand. This really makes a difference! There’s not a lot you can do, but it’s better than doing nothing, as your clothes might probably still smell like cigarettes..

If you want to meet your short-time lover from last night again, you should leave a note with your name and phone number. Please, do not write a novel or even draw a heart and phone number with a lipstick on the mirror. This might work in movies or novels, but in real life, it can be very uncool. One of my friends found this note by her one-night-stand: “ Dear Tina, I was so pleased  that I’d met you yesterday. Your long brown hair, which was tousled by the wind, your white teeth and later on, the small mole I discovered on your but…Let’s see each other again. I think we belong together! From Martin with love!”

Of course, she did not contact him…

Keep your head up and go home! If you still have some money left, go get a cab … just to avoid other people.

Image source: http://www.harveynichols.com/ via http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/