We have already presented Veronique Leroy and her Spring & Summer Collection 2014. There, the designer explained that she had taken inspiration from different uniforms. In her pre-fall collection 2014, one can only guess her source of inspiration.

This autumnal collection retains a strict character just like the one uniforms have. However, this time, her creations are provided with a much more feminine and dynamic touch. It is especially the upper body which is emphasized while the waist is kept very slim. It is then tight-laced with a double silver belt in different looks. This belt runs over a thin top or a coat and creates a highlight over the dark colors of the garments.

The outfits are often single-colored and are defined by a gloomy color palette. Beside black, you can also find dark brown. On the contrary, we can find some nude, which evokes a friendlier atmosphere. The new pre-fall collection 2014 by Veronique Leroy is shown in a elegant, but also tough way. Veronique just knows exactly how to keep a balance between feminine sensuality and masculine assertiveness.

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Veronique Leroy, for women – Spring & Summer 2014

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