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Maiyet was already presented with the spring/summer collection 2014. The preference for elegance and timeless designs and the special interest in designers from all over the world including the brand’s methods of promoting these designers were mentioned in the previous article. Maiyet already brought the latest fall and winter collection on the market and enthralled its fans. The new collection is a little more daring than the summer collection, hence it’s a true treasure for fashionistas!

The brand aims to offer not only elegant designs but extraordinary creations fitting the exquisite style of its customers. This label focuses on a special silhouette emphasizing upper arms and playing with the contrast of curved and straight elements, just as we’ve already seen in the spring & summer collection.

Maiyet combines elegant designs highlighted with deep cut-outs with sporty creations like coats reminiscent of ski jackets. An overall of denim also is marked by a sporty touch.  Furthermore, wild Raw Edges can be observed on another overall. This simple processing method creates a strong contrast to a skirt which completely sequined and spreading out pure glamour.

Whether through elegance or a slightly sporty touch- these designs communicate with their clear design vocabulary. Maiyet creates fashion characterized by high quality visible at first sight.   


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Maiyet, for women – Spring & Summer 2014

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