isabel marant

The French label Isabel Marant was already presented with a promising sensual spring / summer collection. Now we’re going to see what Isabel offers for winter: while the designs for spring and summer played with the opposite of girly and sexy, her new collection looks way more serious. We can find some meander elements reminiscent of ancient Greek columns.

The color palette is kept pretty dark. When white is however used it is directly followed by dark green and brown, gray and finally black. By this, the desiner orients towards the typical colors of winter. The collection focuses on the formation of broad, boyish shoulders. They look bigger and square due to extending material layers, while they look rounder when exaggerated puffy or mutton sleeves were used. Thus, shoulders are excessively emphasized, so that they even seem to be separated from the body.

Although the skirts and trousers are unusually short in regard to the cold season, there is way less skin shown than in the summer collection. 

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Isabel Marant, for women – Spring & Summer 2014

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