You’ll need


1x black polish
2 Top Coats (matte and glossy)
1x Dotting Tool or the end of a brush or a toothpick

 butterflywings 2

Step 1
Today’s base color will be a vibrant red. This is the perfect basis for a bold Manicure Monday on

Step 2
You’ll need your black striper or a brush and a black polish next. Start creating the big bow in the lower part of your nails, then draw up some slightly curved lines towards the tips of your nails starting from the bow.

Step 3
The third step includes a little bit more black. Go over your lines one more time to make them really pop. Then connect your three curved lines. To do so you will need to create little bows to color them in.

Step 4
The final touch is created by putting tiny little white dots on the black tips of yours. I really hope this look suits you well.

 butterflywings 3

That was easy, huh?
See you next week.

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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