Melon  is a label founded out of passion. It was brought to life for all the ones who love sports, music and travelling and who don’t want to let their wild and active lifestyles get disturbed by fragile sun glasses. Furthermore, the designs by Melon definitely don’t know any age limit and most importantly: They won’t make your wallets cry. Yes, the label definitely knows its customers. Relaxed surfers and adventurous snowboarders who consider sports as a priority are the ones who the glasses by Melon appeal to the most. Well, considering such an active lifestyle, a pair of glasses can easily get broken, right?

Well, a pair of Melon glasses can easily endure such a lifestyle. The brand places importance on quality but of course the looks is of significance as well. It seems as if this brand gives the term “customer satisfaction” a completely new dimension as you get your glasses replaced when they do happen to break. The glasses are by the way all provided with 100% UV protection

Considering the design, Melon mainly relies on a model which is available in different colors. The ski glasses too are available in one silhouette, which defines the entire assortment significantly. The glasses themselves however differ from each other thanks to their different lenses and frames. Melon even gives its customers the freedom to design their sun and ski glasses themselves.

Melon which almost appears to be a little family instead of an enterprise was present at the Bright Tradeshow Berlin as well and definitely was anything but out of place even if Berlin unfortunately isn’t blessed with mountains or beaches.

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