Like Life is a brand from Cologne which tries to enrich the fashion world with sophisticated street wear. The terms “colorful” and “unique” can describe the brand best probably. The fundamental principle is probably “ We work for a cause not for applause” Like Life doesn’t simply offer clothing, instead the designs by this label have an identity. This clothing is about the feeling of“young, wild and free”, it’s about rebellion and enjoying the moment. The street wear embodies these principles with symmetrical, colorful mandala designs and sayings like “Save Water – Drink Champaign”.

In its latest collection, the brand shows an attractive, egoistical, ironic and a charmingly naïve side. A pineapple which tells you to eat more fruit can for instance be discovered on a t-shirt. Like Life mainly works with simple cuts. T-shirts and sweaters can mainly be found here which the brand breathes life into with the help of prints. A tough biker jacket is worn additionally sometimes, other times it’s a coat or a cool bomber jacket.

Like Life incarnates what its name already gives away. It’s the love of life which pervades these amazing garments. At the Bright Tradeshow Berlin this brand could win the hearts of many fashion lovers.

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