Ssur is the label of the designer Ruslan Karablin who implements his artistic visions absolutely virtuosically. Ssur actually is nothing but the backwards spelling of Russ which points to the Russian origin. Inspired by Keith Haring and Stussy the designer is always trying to breathe a profound meaning into his creations.

Apart from said profound significance, Ssur however also places value on a proper quality. The latest collection for the spring and summer particularly is dedicated to the theme “Coney Island”. This island near Brooklyn is known for their leisure parks and the housing areas in which, above all, Russian immigrants are living.

The leisure park is depicted by Ssur in a tilted position just like the leaning tower of Pisa which probably gives an originally very peaceful place a rather unsettling touch. In the collection, colors are mainly left out, which puts the non-colors black and white into the center. However, the designer also makes use of an aggressive red which bestows a rather dangerous character on the collection.

The clothing is rather loosely cut, which is typical of street wears, and sports many different sayings in the form of prints. “Warriors” for instance has been placed on a black background in big, white letters, which makes this caption appear very aggressive.  Furthermore, the caption “Gods Children” colored in white stands out from the red stripes which are sported by a black hoodie. Apart from t-shirts, hoodies and jeans, you can also buy caps and even rubber balls at Ssur. Most of the time, they are embellished with the picture of the tilted leisure parks.

Ssur is always trying to incorporate a message into their designs. Accordingly, you can also perceive the collection Coney Island as a kind of social criticism. However, if you don’t want to go deeper, you can of course also enjoy the designs themselves which have been presented at the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin.

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