When Neff was founded by Joe and Shaun Neff in 2002, it was the only label that specialized in snowboards, skateboards and headgear. Nowadays, there are quite a few more products, but this one Californian label has made a lot of progress.

The brand’s products are worn proudly by athletes and other icons. Neff stands for joy and energy, for dynamics and action. It’s about releasing new pulses. This is why the designers create new products over and over again, including sports, fashion and entertainment. Nowadays, it’s not only about headpieces, but also sunglasses, watches, bags and clothing. While many street style labels appear very aggressive, Neff focuses on beautiful motifs.

The designers work with a lot of flowers and colorful tie-dye. Different birds are printed on t-shirts or hats. This is how these designs battle the sulky image of street wear with a lot of irony. Neff and its relaxed and joyful image has also been featured at the Bright Tradeshow Berlin. The label achieved to reach many visitors with the help of neutral motifs, colorful designs and a nonchalant character.

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Copyright and Source: https://www.neffheadwear.com/ and http://brighttradeshow.com/exhibitors.html