We’ve already presented Space Monkeys which is featured at the Bright Tradeshow Berlin, The Tradeshow Berlin took place in July and demonstrated the newest trends of the fashion world. By the way, Space Monkeys’ main aim is to create a new world order.

However, it doesn’t seem to be the main focus in their designs. Neither do the clothes look aggressive, nor do they send out messages which could point to such a rebellious aim. The current collection for spring and summer is kept in a much more colorful and more relaxed way. However, every look has been planned down to the smallest detail. The visor cap can be combined with any jacket marked by colors which you also find in the selection of t-shirts. The shoes complete the t-shirst and the jeans … well, they just always fit.

Space Monkeys sometimes also works with shirts that add a confusing elegance to the outfits. Anyways, this label is mostly popular for its printed t-shirts, on which you can sometimes discover a monkey.


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