The Story of Diamond Supply Co. started with Nicholas Tershay in 1998. He started to create skater wear in his own little flat. As he became very popular among the skater scene, demand continued to grow quickly and Nicholas decided to move from San Francisco to L.A. back in 2000. This was the real beginning of his work. Aside from decks, wheels, axles, screws and everything else the skater heart could wish for was developed afterwards. Today, Diamond Suppy Co. stands for a refreshing, modern and sporty overall look with a skater attitude.

Also summer awaits you with a colorful, joyful collection, which offers many options, including for example city cruisers or cool trainers. The nonchalance of the creations is very catchy and is emphasized by a wonderful color play. The label’s boards impress with their outstanding design, including for example golden axles, red rolls and decks in the snakeskin look.

Beside straight-cut pants in earthy colors, you are also offered a wide range of sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops. They often include the hidden brand name on their design – for example as letters or as pictures, such as one that shows a hand holding a shining piece of diamond. From muted color shades to neon colors – there are many options. Only add a real diamond cap, and you will have your complete favorite outfit. Their success at the Bright Tradeshow during the Berlin Fashion Week was no surprise at all.

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