Oki Sato, a Japanese designer, who was born in Toronto (Canada) in 1977, also known as Nendo, represents clear, poetic and unique drafts. His designs have already won numerous awards, such as the Good Design Award (Japan) and the Red Dot Design Award (Germany), which is why the entire world of design is scrambling to get his products.

Nendo created for example aroma candles in ice cream pots for Häagen-Dasz, shopwindows for Hermès at Tod’s and bathrooms for Bisazza. Black and white dominate all of his creations, but don’t appear gloomy at all. If anything, they actually evoke joy and dreams.

In 2014, this luster called “bat” was created together with Murano Glas, a glassblowing company based in Italy. It reminds of a colony of bats that hang on a branch or on the ceiling. The glass

bat             bat 2

shades by Murano Glas are put in an even order and are provided with LEDs, which enlighten the entire room. Thanks to the structure of the lamps, differently sized colonies (wide or narrow) can be developed.

The black and white luster “bat” can’t be compared to ordinary lusters and is a real eye catcher.

Copyright and Source: http://www.nendo.jp/