Chandeliers are impressive. Not only in pompous foyers, opera houses or ballrooms- those opulent candelabras also leave a breathtaking impression hanging above kitchen tables, in hallways or bedrooms. A magnificent play of lights appears with the multiplicity of crystal polygons due to light refraction on the delicately polished edges.


A chandelier represents the center of a room and attracts attention. It looks elegant and noble in every room due to the small traces of decadence and the striking size.

The chandelier ROYAL ECO looks especially pompous in classically furnished rooms, yet they also fit modern ones, where a striking contrast emerges. A mutually breathtaking effect comes with a hanging lamp positioned in a small room- you just have to watch out if it’s not hanging too low.

You can have one for about 119.90€ at  and create a new royal living ambient.

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Measurements: height: 70 cm

Diameter: 40 cm cable lenght, 100 cm materials: plastic and metal

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