The elegant style and the well-shaped design of this LED-faucet will give your kitchen or bathroom that special something. The exclusivity of this faucet emphasizes the extraordinary features for an aesthetic and luxurious flair and it can be harmoniously adjusted to the room. A heat detector makes the integrated LED lights shine in three different colors.

When a temperature of 30°C  or less is reached, the water will shine in a blue light, from 30°C to 40°C the water becomes green and from 40°C onwards the water turns red. The used technology prevents burning from too hot water and it also presents a beautiful light show.  The broad opening of the faucet, which looks similar to a waterfall, provides a gentle water flow, as if the water is flowing from a spring, and it’s really calming.

Moreover, the contraption of sturdy brass ensures longevity and great functionality of the faucet.


This exclusive faucet is available for only 88,99€ on www.wasserhahnso.de and it will make your sink an absolute eye catcher in your kitchen or bathroom.

Size: total height 187 mm
Draining height 115mm
Draining length 165mm
Draining width 75mm

Material: brass, zinc alloy

Copyright: www.wasserhahnso.de