Name: Travis Rathbone
Place: New York, USA
Subject: still life, accessories, food, drinks, cosmetics, beauty
Style: emotional, dynamic
Specialties: does photographs of objects and models

When he’s not occupied in his studio, you can be sure that Travis Rathbone is in a plane, on his way into a new world. There, he sits with great excitement in his second home, how he tenderly calls the plane, and looks forward to the foreign culture that’s waiting to be discovered.

Besides a foreign culture, Travis Rathbone also sets free his desires for hot sauce, tie pins, comedy shows and the TV-series “Dexter”. But something that’s more related to his job is his passion for perfect light.

His works always show something dynamic yet elaborately arranged. It has almost become his signature because this manner of presentation determines his commitment to his work. These are categorized into cosmetics, still lives, accessories for women and men, food, drinks, Covers & Tears and beauty.

All but the last category forgo the use of models. The product should be the sole focus, be it the crème that’s smeared on a white background or the Johnnie Walker that’s pouring out its content on its own.

Travis Rathbone conveys a new feeling with each photograph. While one of them expresses icy coldness, another one makes you feel cozy warm.

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travis 5   travis 8   travis 10

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