In the living room, the office or just on the windowsill – plants beautify every room, they optimize the overall quality of your home and they create a friendly and natural atmosphere.

Urban Outfitters offers a terrarium pot that has a futuristic and unique appearance. The diamond shape and the golden frame of the pot provide an exquisite home for many plans, such as succulents, orchids and moss.

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Even fake plants will look gorgeous in them – they’re mostly made of plastic or silk and therefore are low maintenance and easy to clean. The terrarium pot gives you a creative and extraordinaire alternative to normal pots. It’s a real eye catcher, something you can experiment with using your favorite plants.

This terrarium is available for 40€ on Use the code LETSFESTDE to get a 10€ discount on your purchase until August 31st, 2014.

Material: glass and iron

Size: 23×24 cm