Perfect for a night for two, chilled-out sessions in front of the TV or your good old nap time – the water bed „Rialto“ by Aqua Comfort offers you all of the above.

Trust me when I say that this bed will be the centerpiece of every room you put it in. Its extravagant shape combined with its swinging bedsides and a comfortable headboard made out of cowhide truly makes it the perfect bed. Due to the special upholstery it can easily act as a snugly armchair, where you can read a book or two.

But make no mistake, not only the outer appearance and the comfort is out of this world. If you were wondering how in hell can you clean this thing, well, just put the fabric coating into your washing machine. It’s that easy! Plus the vinyl surface can be cleaned by hand to prevent any dusting or mites. To prevent nasty pressure marks, as often seen on normal mattresses, you’ll need to fill your bed with a special kind of liquid.

The sturdy and easy-to-handle bed can be purchased in two different colors (black/white and brown/beige) on www.aqua-comfort.net and it retails for 2.239€.


Measurements: Mattress: 180 x 200cm

Full length: Length of the mattress + approx. 65cm

Overall width: Length of the mattress + approx. 28cm.

Material: headboard cushion: 100% real leather

Comforter cushion: 100% polyurethane

Copyright and Source: www.aqua-comfort.net