Alfredo Villalba’s Haute Couture focuses on the high quality of materials and a technique based on an old tradition. The combination of a modern style and the creative approach results in timeless creations made for eternity. Every part seems to be completed by the effective combination of a contemporary but timeless style, pastel colors, small details and innovative processing. The high quality is ensured thanks to more than 35 years of experience in the fashion industry.

The designs presented in the spring/summer collection 2014 by  Alfredo Villalba express pure power. Dresses are embellished with details convincing with versatility, thus they can’t be noticed at the very first glance. This collection is dominated by blue, silver and off white. Alfredo Villalba uses transparent materials. Yet it’s completely covered with ornaments like flower pattern, hence no blank space occures.

Due to all the embellishing flowers, the model’s body becomes a secret to the viewer. She is turned into a beautiful nymph. Creations by Alfredo Villalba delight with modern design and awesome details. This professional label, shaped by 35 years of experience, could be admired at Fashion Week Lviv in Ukraine.

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