In 2012 and 2013, Electronic Arts has managed to be elected as the worst company on earth by the American consumer magazine “The Consumerist“. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a third time for 2014. Too bad.

But I still would like to express my opinion on EA.

I can only imagine the following scene in the conference room in the huge EA headquarters.
Ten rich guys, whose diamond-studded timepieces weigh 40 tons, sitting there, thinking.

“Why the hell aren’t we the worst company in the world again? What did we do wrong?”
“Didn’t we release enough awful DLCs?”
“Was the latest Need For Speed actually good?”
“Maybe we’ve been putting too much effort in Battlefield 3 and 4!”
Then suddenly someone leaps up to shout: “No! We can do it again! We’re not finished yet!”

For the coming year, this means that a lot of bad games and sequels will await us.

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